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This basket was hand-crocheted by Liugia. 


Luigia Kaithi is married with three sons and one daughter. In her life, she’s dealt with many hardships. She lost a son due to health issues and she deals with violence from her husband at times. However, since she is making baskets, the money has helped her husband calm down and treat her much better. The money from her baskets helped her afford things she never could before, such as a bathroom, a donkey to help her fetch water, goats, new clothing for herself and her children, and she added a separate bedroom onto her house for her kids to sleep in. She says even when money is hard, she finds hope and a sense of calm when she is around the women who are also a part of this project. Luigia hopes that people like you continue to buy her baskets because she wants to use the money to construct a kitchen.


She says she admires this project because it’s helped women in her community–including herself–better support their children, help educate their children, and no longer worry about going hungry. 


Luigia is a member of the women’s adult literacy group in Kiumbe Village in Kenya. She joined so that she could learn to read and write. Being a member of this adult literacy group provides so much more than an education. It gives the women the opportunity to learn from each other and to provide support for those who need help and advice.


The women also have the option to learn how to crochet, which is a traditional craft in Tharaka Nithi, Kenya. This income-generating opportunity has been a source of pride for the women. Many can send their children to school, repair their homes, buy new clothes, animals, and food, and get proper health care.


Each Basket has a photo of the woman holding the basket she made.


Size: approximately 8" x 8"

Number of colors: 5

Material: Acrylic yarn

Maintenance: Machine wash in cold and air dry

Storage and shipping: this basket folds flat and is easy to ship and store


Multicolor Diamonds by Luigia 104-081

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