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This basket was hand-crocheted by Cecilia Kang'aria. Cecilia produces colorful baskets with unique patterns. She is known for her originality and color combinations.  


Size: approximately 7" x 7.5"

Number of colors: 4

Material: Acrylic yarn 

Maintenance: Machine wash in cold and air dry

Storage and shipping: this basket folds flat and is easy to ship and store


A bit about Cecilia:

Cecilia Kang'aria is happily married with six children. Education for girls was not valued when she was young, so she only made it through class one. She is happy making the kiondos (baskets) and enjoys spending time with the women. She says that when they make kiondos they get energy from each other and support each other’s work.


Her husband has been very sick, but she has been able to fund his health care and support the family through this project.


Cecilia would like to thank you for buying her kiondo (basket). She says she would love it if you and she could be friends!


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