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This basket colorful basket was hand-crocheted by Florence Mukeihi. Florence produces finely crafted baskets with unique finely detailed patterns and a stiff structure. 


Size: approximately 8" x 8"

Number of colors: 4

Material: Acrylic yarn 

Maintenance: Machine wash in cold and air dry

Storage and shipping: this basket folds flat and is easy to ship and store


A bit about Florence:

Florence is happily married with two young boys. She is very creative, and talented and loves making baskets. Florence also owns a shop where she works as a tailor making clothing during the day. Due to her success with this project, she’s built a new modern home in her village for her family to live in.


Most importantly, Florence says making baskets has brought her joy and creative freedom. She loves seeing herself, her family, and the women around her grow and flourish due to the income from this project. 




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