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This basket is hand-crocheted by Imelda Kanono. Crochet work is a traditional craft in Tharaka Nithi, Kenya.


Imelda is a widow with two children. She was able to complete class five. Before she joined the adult literacy group, she was doing a lot of manual labor. When the rain is not enough there are food challenges, and she lacks the income from farming. The source of water is far and she struggles with back problems. She also struggles to pay school fees.


Since Imelda joined the group, she has made money to buy iron sheets, a goat, and pay her daughter’s hospital bill. She very happy that she now has a group of women who she can learn from and share experiences.


A bit about the project:

The Basket Ladies is a subsidiary of Merry-Go-Strong (501(c)(3)). We work with the Tharaka Women’s Welfare Program (TWWP) to help rural women who are part of adult literacy groups in Tharaka Nithi Kenya earn an income.


MGS provides the acrylic yarn to help the women get started and then buys the baskets when they are completed. Proceeds from the resale of the baskets go to supporting initiatives that help the women and families.


This basket has a photo of Imelda holding the basket she made.


Size: approximately 7"x 7"

Number of colors: 4

Material: Acrylic yarn

Maintenance: Machine wash in cold and air dry

Storage and shipping: this basket folds flat and is easy to ship and store


Diamonds and Triangles by Imelda 107-072

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