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This basket colorful basket was hand-crocheted by Jane Kendi. Florence produces finely crafted baskets with unique finely detailed patterns and a stiff structure.


Size: approximately 8" x 8"

Number of colors: 4

Material: Acrylic yarn

Maintenance: Machine wash in cold and air dry

Storage and shipping: this basket folds flat and is easy to ship and store


A bit about Jane:

Jane lives happily with her husband, who is a teacher at a school in town. Since she does not have children yet, she says she often found herself with a lot of free time while her husband was teaching. So when she heard about this project, she was very excited to join because she thought it would be fun and keep her busy. Jane tells us that she loves interacting with the other women because she is gaining knowledge and wisdom from them and it's helping her make many friends in her village.


A message from Jane: Jane says that she is so happy to be making because, with each basket she sells, she is further developing herself, her knowledge, her confidence, and her skills.

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