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MEET THE basket ladies


Evelina Kanyua

Evelina lost her husband about ten years ago. But has four children she loves and cares for dearly. For some time in her early adulthood, she struggled with challenges of affording necessities, often feeling hopeless and lacking happiness. However, she managed to finish her secondary education, and became an Adult Literacy teacher in 2013. She now teaches English to the women in her village, and she acts as a counselor for the women who experience gender-based violence in the community. She has become an incredible leader, and many look up to her for all she’s done to help build confidence, provide support, and care for the women in the village.

From the money she’s made from making and teaching, she’s been able to renovate her house, buy goats, pay for her kids' secondary schooling, but she has dreams to soon open a shop in town and someday build a house out of stone.


Florence Mukethi

Florence is happily married with two young boys. Florence is very creative and talented, she loves making baskets and takes pride in her work. Her husband is very supportive and proud of her accomplishments. From the sale of her baskets Florence has been able to open a shop where she works as a tailor making clothing.


Due to her success with this project, Florence and her husband have built a new, stone home. They have also been able to help those less fortunate with food and school fees.


Most importantly, Florence says making baskets has brought her so much joy and creative freedom, and she’s loved seeing herself, her family, and the women around her grow and flourish as a result of the income from this project.


Rosemary Kathure

Rosemary is married and has four kids, one boy, and three girls. While school is in session, the majority of her basket sales goes toward school fees and with what is leftover she buys food. During school holidays, she uses the money from a basket sale to buy livestock, but she hopes to continue to save up to eventually own a shop in town where she can sell beans and maize.


Rosemary has started teaching other women in her village how to make the baskets to help give them an opportunity to provide for themselves. She says that being a part of this group has made her feel very valued because she is both helping and learning from the women around her, which brings her fulfillment and happiness.


A message from Rosemary: Rosemary wants to tell the buyer thank you for buying a basket made by a toothless woman. She hopes they keep her photo displayed next to her unique

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