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Judy was one of seven children in her family. Their parents struggled to provide for them, so none of the children attended school due to the cost of school fees. Their home was not roofed, they slept on grass mats on the ground, and would often skip one or two meals per day because of money. Growing up was hard but made her into a stronger woman.

She got married when she was 19 years old and had six children. Her husband is able to provide for the family and all of their children are in school. They have one in university, two in secondary school, and two that are too young for school still.

Judith is new to basket making but is very excited to continue learning and growing as an artist. Since joining the adult literacy group, she has been introduced to crocheting, can now write her name and has learned to write a few other names in Swahili, and has learned a lot of good life advice.

She loves to see her children successful and is so glad that they are having a better childhood than the one she experienced. It makes her happy to know that they are getting an education and will be able to provide for themselves and their own families when they grow up

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