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Lucy grew up with her ten other siblings in Gatue. Six of her siblings come from three sets of twins. She attended school until she was thirteen when her parents could no longer afford to send her. She worked as a tailor until she met her husband. At nineteen years old she got married and had her first child. Being a first time mom has been exciting and she has not faced many challenges in motherhood, though she wonders how that might change as she has more children. Her husband is a welder and helps support the family by work- ing in Gutunga, an hour drive from where they live.

Most days she is up by 6 am to finish some chores and prepare breakfast. She then works until the early afternoon when she takes a break for lunch if they have any food, and then continues crocheting. Having worked all morning, she is tired and goes for a walk to visit friends. Lucy returns to prepare dinner and goes to bed by ten.

At first Lucy thought that the Adult Literacy group only helped illiterate women learn to read. However, she has already learned so much more since joining the group. She has learned to crochet beautiful baskets that help support her young family and has gained a community of women that serve as mentors to her. This experience has been valuable as she’s become a new mom. When asked what makes her happy, Lucy responded that she is always happy and can’t name anything specific.

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