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The Kiumbe Village Adult Literacy Group

The women in the adult literacy group in Kiumbe village have been among the most successful in basket making. Because of their strong community values and support system, they are thriving. Many have been able to open shops, repair their homes, and pay for healthcare. Several have also reported a reduction in gender based violence.


Food for the Families

Tharaka Nithi, is very dry. the rains have been unpredictable and farming has been difficult. MGS provides the women with Maize and Beans on a regular basis until the rains stabilize and farming can resume.


Solar Lamps for All

We provide solar lamps for all the makers. It is our belief that simple things and solve big problems. These simple yet powerful solar lamps not only help the women work at night, but they also provide a source of light for the children to study by. In addition, the women can charge their phones from their homes. 


Good walking shoes


We sometimes forget how important our feet are! These women will often walk ten or more kilometers per day. It's amazing how a pair of good walking shoes can make such a difference in the way you go about your day.

Water tanks and gutters

Collecting water can take hours out of the day. Many women have to walk up to four hours per day with heavy gerry cans on their backs. We provide the women with water tanks and gutters so that they can store water in their homes. 


Kumbana Makerie

Kumbana Makerie will promote creativity, a sense of well-being, and inspiration, while maintaining a warm, welcoming, and sustainable environment. Attracting both locals and visitors, Kumbana will be the pride of the Gatunga and a destination spot that fosters women empowerment and community growth.

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