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Sabella was raised in a plural family as her father had two wives. Sabella is one of ten children born to her mother and has eight half siblings. Growing up, they owned many cows but her father, an alcoholic, would sell them whenever he needed money for beer. Her father owned a cotton plantation that he used to buy food for his two families and would “drink up” the rest of the money earned.

She was able to finish secondary school but could not afford to attend a University. At 21 she was hired as a cook at a school and helped send eight of her siblings to primary school. When she was 24, she got married and had five children, all of whom are in primary school now. With a growing family, Sabella now had to provide for her children. She got a different job working at a school and soon became the bread winner, providing most of what they have by herself. Her husband, now an alcoholic like her father, would go to work and come back empty handed. To help supplement the money her husband spends, she bought a cow that she milks and sells to schools in the area.


Making baskets has helped Sabella support her family. By selling her baskets she is able to send her children to school and pay for any of her families other needs. Her husband is supportive of her work because he knows she makes money selling them. He encourages her to make more and buys her yarn when she needs it. She appreciates working with the other women and being able to talk to the group about problems she has and receive support from the other women. She is happiest when she sees her children grow because they are healthy and can help with chores. Sabella is an incredibly strong and selfless woman who has overcome many challenges.

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