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As the third born of six children, Lucy went to school until her parents separated when she was seven years old. Tradition dictates that when parents separate the children belong to the father, so their mother left Lucy and her siblings in the care of their father. Despite working in the fields, he could not afford to continue their education. While her mother moved away, Lucy remains close with her.


When Lucy was eighteen she married her husband in a traditional marriage and gave birth to three children. So far she has been able to send all three children to primary school. Three years ago her husband suddenly got ill and passed away. The years following his death have been difficult and Lucy has felt quite lonely. She has been faced with the task of providing for her three children as well as taking care of their land by herself.

The Adult Literacy group and its community of women have helped Lucy since becoming a widow. By making and selling her baskets she is now able to afford the cost of food, clothing and school fees on her own. She has also been taught about FGM and the harmful effects it has on her girls. She now under- stands the benefits of ARP and why it is the safer alternative to the long lasting tradition that is FGM.

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