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Rose Zawadi

Rose Zawadi
Rose Zawadi

Rose Zawadi is married with five kids. They are all in primary school except for her youngest. Her husband does casual labor, taking opportunities as they come, but they often struggle with money.

Before learning to make the baskets, she used to have trouble paying school fees, her family often went hungry, and they often had to ask for help by borrowing from others. Now, they do not worry about any of those things. In addition, her husband is no longer abusive to her.

When Rose was young, her family didn’t have enough money nor did they support the idea of her going to school, so she dropped out very young. She says that she is so happy to be able to provide her children opportunities she never had because she is seeing how her support is positively impacting their lives growing up.



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3562 Tally Ho Lane

Madison Wisconsin 53705


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