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Rebecca Kanona

Rebecca Kanona
Rebecca Kanona

Rebecca Kanono Musage is married and has four children. Growing up, her parents struggled and they were very poor. She had to drop out of school at the age of 13 due to lack of school fees. However, because of this project, she’s been able to encourage her children to go to school, and she’s so happy to say they’ve been much more well off than she was growing up. She says that the encouragement from her husband and ability to send her kids to school motivates her to keep moving forward and making sure she can keep her family happy and fed.

Rebecca would like to say “God bless you” and give many thanks to show her gratitude for your support. She is thinking of you and praying for you always. Because of you, she is able to give her family and herself a better life.



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Mailing Address

3562 Tally Ho Lane

Madison Wisconsin 53705


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