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Nanis Kathambi

Nanis Kathambi
Nanis Kathambi

Nanis Kathambi is happily married with a young son. Her husband drives a motorbike to provide income for their family. In her free time, Nanis enjoys helping out at her church and being around her friends who are also women artisans in the village. During most days, Nanis spends her time by making baskets and taking care of her house and her son. She is extremely talented and has created some of the most beautiful and unique baskets. 

Nanis says she is extremely grateful to have the baskets as an outlet to expand her mind and explore her creativity. With the income she’s received from the baskets she's made, she has been able to plaster her home and build a new kitchen with ventilation on her property.



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Mailing Address

3562 Tally Ho Lane

Madison Wisconsin 53705


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