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Luigia Kaithi

Luigia Kaithi
Luigia Kaithi

Luigia, the fourth of eight siblings, grew up in a farming family surviving on one meal a day during dry seasons. Marrying at 20, she faced hardships in a one-room home, traveling six hours for water. Today, with a three-room house, she uses a donkey to reduce the journey to four hours, carrying four 20-liter jerry cans.

Crocheting became her savior, funding her children's education through basket making. Supported by her husband's farming and seasonal work, they ventured into livestock sales during dry seasons. The family takes pride in their improved living conditions. Luigia's weaving not only offers a tranquil respite but also contributes significantly to the family income. Financial stability allows her stress-free time to cook and care for her family. Luigia's journey exemplifies resilience, transforming challenges into triumphs, and shaping a brighter future for her family.



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3562 Tally Ho Lane

Madison Wisconsin 53705


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