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Jerica Kaindi

Jerica Kaindi
Jerica Kaindi

Jerica Kiandi Aruponso has five kids who are all in school. When Jerica was young, her family was directly impacted by tribal conflicts which caused them to lose their land, lose their home and shelter, and as a result she then had no other choice but to drop out of school at the age of twelve. Due to her family’s lack of money, she was forced to get married early at the age of twenty, and her marriage has not been happy for her. Unfortunately, her husband often steals or abuses her which has caused her to go to her parents house to stay. Despite Jerica’s life having many hardships she’s had to face and deal with, she’s always found a joy in being creative. She says one of her fondest memories as a young girl was making table cloths and decorating them. She also has always loved singing. Always having a natural creative soul and talent, Jerica of course makes some of the most incredible baskets. 

Jerica says she has hope that she and her kids will be able to eat tomorrow. She says that kiondo is hope.



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3562 Tally Ho Lane

Madison Wisconsin 53705


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