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Jelica Gachiri

Jelica Gachiri
Jelica Gachiri

Jelica Gachiri is married with one daughter and two boys. Her husband was in an accident years ago, leaving him disabled and unable to work. She finds it very difficult to keep up with school fees while also keeping all of her children and family fed. Her family owns very little land, and during the dry season, what is harvested is barely enough to feed herself and her family.

Jelica says that while she faces many challenges, this project of making baskets has been so helpful to her. She says she is so happy to talk with the other women because she always learns something new about how to deal with her challenges and they help her feel supported, improving her quality of life.

Jerica says she hopes the buyer takes great care of her basket for the great love and detail she put into making it beautiful. She hopes they will appreciate it for a long time and wants to thank them for supporting so that she can keep her kids going to school, continue to afford food, and someday save up to build a nicer home for herself.



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3562 Tally Ho Lane

Madison Wisconsin 53705


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