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Evelina Kanyua

Evelina Kanyua
Evelina Kanyua

Evelina Kanyua was the first born in a household eight. She helped her mother raise her seven siblings, and would go with her to work others’ gardens for money. Evelina enjoyed farming when she was young, as well as going to school where she went up to Class 8 before dropping out due to a lack of fees.

Evelina is the Kiumbe Adult Literacy group teacher which is sponsored by the Tharaka Women's Welfare Program (TWWP) in Tharaka Nithi Kenya. She taught the women in her adult literacy group how to crochet. It is because of her dedication and desire to help her community that this project thrives.



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3562 Tally Ho Lane

Madison Wisconsin 53705


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