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Faith, 30.png


Born in Meru County, Faith grew up with five other siblings. She was unable to finish primary school due to the cost and started working on other people’s farms at the age of ten. She made very little doing this as people would steal from the farm so they could only harvest small quantities.


Faith met her husband in Meru County and married him when she was 27 years old. They have three children together and all three attend primary school. She and her husband are both very supportive of each other and have agreed to split the costs of school fees and daily expenses.

Faith joined the group to learn to speak English and make baskets. With the money from the baskets she was able to buy a goat that has since multiplied three times. She is happy to be able to learn about her culture, how to crochet baskets, and how to be an independent woman. Faith is excited to use her water tank to store water and what this means for her future.

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